What kind of car can I get?

The kind of car you can get is only limited by your financial situation and how much of a down payment you want to make. Dealerships like ours that work with all kinds of credit situations care more about your financial situation than your credit score. How much of a payment will your income allow you to make? How much can you afford to put down? The answers to these questions will determine the type of car you will be able to purchase. Remember, lenders want you to purchase a quality automobile you want just as much as one you can afford. None of our lenders will want you in contract with them on a cheap car that’s unreliable. Very few people will continue to pay their auto loan if there car isn’t running. Borrowers who are driving a car that they like and can afford are much more likely to pay their loan without problem. Bad credit lenders, just like regular lenders want what you want. They want their borrowers driving reliable vehicles that their customer’s like.

Can I choose from any car, or are there only certain cars that work with bad credit programs?
While there are some dealerships that use certain cars for specific programs, we do not. All of our cars except for those listed as “cash only” specials are available for our lending programs. You can choose from any of our cars just like a cash customer can. Your choice is only limited by your financial situation and how much you want to put down. Even if you are unable to get the exact car you want, we go out of our way to find a car that you love and can afford.

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